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Examples of Evaluation Projects

This page details a range of different types of evaluation and review work that KW Research
and Associates has undertaken for clients. The list is not exhaustive; it is simply intended to
illustrate the breath and range of clients that we have worked with. Information on the projects
listed has been made publicly available by our clients.

Wicklow Rural Partnership: A Qualitative Evaluation of the Direct and
Indirect Impacts of LEADER+ Support for Community Projects Targeting
Women and Young People as Beneficiaries

This study involved the preparation of a number of detailed case studies. The case studies
explored the impacts of the LEADER funded projects within the groups, and within the wider
community. A copy of this report can be accessed at:


Joint County Council Led Peace II Task Forces Review of the
County Council Led Peace II Task Forces

KW Research and Associates in association with Mentor Economic Development Consultants
undertook a review of the operation and work of the six Border County Task Forces. The
study concluded that Peace II Task Force Funding had made a significant contribution
to the quality of life of about 400 local communities in the southern border counties,
especially in the areas of social and environmental development.

County Monaghan Community Network:

Evaluation of the Celebrating Difference Project

KW Research has worked with the Network to assist them set up a monitoring and evaluation
template. KW Research also facilitated a number of evaluations at different stages in the
implementation of the project.

Mid-term Evaluation of the BMW Regional Operational Programme

KW Research and Associates (In association with Fitzpatrick Associates) were involved in
2003 in the Mid-term Evaluation of the BMW Regional Programme a part of the wider National
Development Plan.

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