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What We Do

We offer a number of services:

  • Programme Evaluation
  • Policy Analysis
  • Social Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Planning Training
  • Support for Local and Regional Development

Programme/Project Evaluation

We have an excellent track record in external programme and project level evaluation.
We have evaluated a diverse range of programmes including, national and county level
programmes in a range of areas including, peace and reconciliation, anti-poverty and social
inclusion work, adult literacy, and third level training and education programmes. We have
also been appointed as Formative Evaluators to a number of projects, where we provide
ongoing inputs to projects to support their development.

Policy Analysis

We have carried out a range of policy analysis on different policy areas. These include
health, public housing, rural and regional development. In these and other areas KW Research
has a reputation for bringing its research and analytical skills to bear on complex public policy
issues. KW Research has also worked with organisations to assist them work to influence
policy at both a local and a national level.

Social Research

We have undertaken a large number of research studies across a range of areas. As part
of the process of undertaking research we use a range of qualitative and quantitative
research techniques. The choice of which techniques we use will depend on the brief, the
timescale of the work and the budget available. We have particular skills in the use of more
participatory research methodologies and are always keen to work to support the meaningful
engagement of ‘the researched’ in the research process. We are also skilled in survey design
and analysis using SPSSX.

Strategic Planning

We work with organisations in the public and community/voluntary sectors to support
them prepare and indeed review their strategic plans. We work very closely with the
organisations during the process or preparing the plans to ensure that the learning
generated from the planning process is transferred back into the operation of the
organisation. In our experience considerable learning can arise from the process of
preparing the plans. Where relevant we will also work with organisations to develop
performance indicators and targets for their plans.


We have trained individuals and teams of people to undertake data collection and
analysis. We have also worked to support and train individuals who wish to seek to
influence policy at both a local and a national level. We have also supported a number
of organisations to monitor and track their progress.

Local and Regional Development

Local, county based and regional development have become increasingly important
over the last number of years and the number of organisations working in this area has
increased. Organisations involved in this area include local authorities, City/County
Development Boards, Regional Authorities, Regional Assemblies, LEADER groups and
Area Based Partnership companies. KW Research has worked with a number of these
organisations to assist them both develop and review their plans in order to maximise
their effectiveness.

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