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Recent Publications and Reports

Wicklow Rural Partnership (2007): A Qualitative Evaluation of the Direct and Indirect
Impacts of LEADER+ Support for Community Projects Targeting Women and Young
People as Beneficiaries

The six detailed case studies conducted as part of this study can be found at
The Combat Poverty Agency and the Office for Social Inclusion (2006) Poverty
Impact Assessment in the National Development Plan
Border Protestant Perspectives (2005) A Study of the Attitudes and Experiences
of Protestants Living in the Southern Border Counties (with LOCUS Management)
The Combat Poverty Agency (2005): Learning from the Local Government Pilot
Social Inclusion Units Initiative
Community Workers Co-operative (2005) An Analysis of Social Inclusion/Anti-Poverty
Measures and Community Work Approaches to addressing Health Inequality within the
National Health Policy Arena.
The Wheel (2005) Scoping the Community and Voluntary Healthcare Sector in Ireland

The Executive Summary can be found at:
The Women’s Health Council (2003) Women, Disadvantage and Health. A Position
Paper of The Women’s Health Council

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